happy story

The old book is filled
with some happy
and some sad words
storybook of 2020 is archived

fresh note book arrives
with 365 fresh-smelling pages
Pages waiting expectantly
to be filled with your words

let’s take the new book,
smell the fresh pages
work up a fun appetite
that should last an year,

so that when we look back
at this book of 2021,
we only see a happy story.
Of fun, hope and happiness

Happy New Year

I am the dusk

I am the dusk
then it will be dark
fiery ball cools
weary of the scorching day
sliding down rapidly
pulling the rays down
pausing briefly at the rim
Just for one last look
at its creation
before it is night
last stroke of golden brush
paints the sky crimson
I am the dusk
slowly turning dark
last rays lingers on my wings
warming it, to be alive
it no time to be trapped
its my final flight
I reach out to the glowing light
and I soar
its a new day