The moment arrives

Fleeting moments
Riding the rush of the river
Uncertain drops,
Merging with the flow

Turbulent yet confined
Jagged rocky banks say “you can’t”
Masquerading norms, warm the cocoon,
benovalence is just a show

The froth explains the churn
between the Will and the Fear
the Will loses, alas
Restrained passion, stays in tow

It ain’t over yet
Says a stubborn drop.
It leaps over the froth,
Puts up a spectacular show

What could not, has been done.
It’s moment has arrived,
The drop soars bright
It has found its own glow

हज़ारों ख्वाहिशें

इतवार तो कैलेंडर पे लिखा शब्द है
उसका इतना इंतज़ार क्यूँ
हफ्ता पड़ा है जीने को
आज से इतनी मायूसी क्यूँ

शायद फुर्सत का इंतज़ार है
पर किस बात से फुर्सत?
इसकी मालुमात नहीं
क्या पता किस आराम कि ख्वाहिश है
और किस आराम से आज कल
अछे तालुकात नहीं

कभी सोने कि कोशिश में
रात गई
कभी नींद उड़ाते
सुबह हुई

कुछ ख्वाहिशें ऐसी, जो मुमकिन है
कुछ ख्वाहिशें ही गुनाह है
जो मुमकिन है, वो तो आसान है
जो गुनाह है उसीका नशा है

अपने जुनून को पहचान लो
नशा जिसका है उसे एक नाम दो
फुर्सत नहीं, मौका दूंड़ेंगे
जिसमे मज़ा है उस ख्वाहिश का आराम लो

आज दिन अच्छा है
मुहूर्त आज का निकला है
इतवार का क्या है
आज कैलेंडर नया निकला है

Different dawn of the same long night

The night was long
He was tired but did not dare to yawn
He had not slept
It was already dawn

The bullet whistled as it arrived.
It had found its mark
Mercilessly it pierced,
all the way to the beating heart

but it kept on beating
slowly draining away the life
It was meant to be saving

As the dawn broke
the transition was Complete
The body that once was man
had turned into meat

Far away the news app pinged a notification
Another death at the border popped on the screen
With a swipe of the finger it was removed
Cursing the bad news he should’nt have seen

The night was long
He was tired and gave in to a yawn
He had not slept
It was already dawn

They were far apart
Each blissfully asleep
One had no will to get up
While the other…Never will