The elements – That’s me

Long day unwinds
tired limbs drag
Weary eyes burn
i feel the fire

walking in the wood
towards the sunset
leaves crumble beneath my feet
i feel the earth

taller than the trees
rays paint my face golden
breeze ruffle my curls
i feel the air

staying still and calm
feet dipped in the flow
cool till the soul
i feel the water

the skin is shed
and the within too
I merge
i am the space

Behind the blinding Glow

He is a performer
puts up a show
he is a star
turns up the glow

there he shoots up
blazes the sky
bursting open
into millions, up high

the blaze is blinding
he is the light
there is no darkness
in the smile so bright

Show’s over
everyone’s happy
the tickets are strewn
the place looks crappy

The mask is peeled
grin stays pasted
the night is over
the dawn lays wasted

its a new day
all over again
there will be a new act
for he has to entertain

he is a performer
he puts up the show
no one sees the tear
behind the blinding glow

Cocooned in time

There they are,
imaculate and pure
cocooned in innocence
untouched by life

We have moved on
weaving our destinies
through fuzzy maze of time
with our own tussles and strife

‘Then’ has drifted away from the ‘Now’
seperated by layers of time
each twist n turn charting separate paths
each moment playing a dice

That moment still floats
serene in my mind
far away to touch and feel
yet close enough to entice

the mind knows I cannot
but the heart still pines
if i could go back,
it would be nice

But If if did reach that moment
through sheer force of love
I wonder what it would take
for my yearning to suffice

I would re-live the moment
Tempted to tell whats in store
Guide them of the twist n turns
of the pitfalls lurking in disguise

But I know I wouldn’t have the heart
to take away the god’s gift
of uncerain possibilities of life
be it good or otherwise

I would just watch
as they play in the moment
imaculate and pure
cocooned in innocence
untouched by life

लंबी ड्राइव

चलो एक लंबी ड्राइव पे चलें
रास्ते और मंजिल से बेफ़िकर
एक बार बिना किसी मतलब के चलें

कुछ दूर चल कर तुम
सुकून की तरफ मोड़ लेना
मन करे तो वो अपना
पुराना गाना भी लगा लेना

आज हर बात की छूट है
हाँ तुम गुनगुना भी सकते हो
अपनी ही तो गाड़ी है
सुरों को तोड़ मरोड़ भी सकते हो

उन जंजीरों को फेंक देना
ख्वाहिशों को जो जकड़े हुए हैं
उन कचरे के डिब्बों में
जो रस्ते के मोड पर पडे़ हुए हैं

कभी सड़क पर
कभी थोड़ा उड़ते हुए
बादलों को अपनी सासों में रखना
अपनी रफ्तार तेज
और समय की रफ्तार धीमी रखना

वो देखो वहां रोशनी है
हंसी के कहकहे भी सुनी है मैंने
चलो उस तरफ चलें
रास्ते और मंजिल से बेख़बर
अपने बचपन में चलें
चलो एक लंबी ड्राइव पे चलें
चलो खयालों कि लंबी ड्राइव पे चलें
चलो अपने बचपन में चलें