The elements – That’s me

Long day unwinds
tired limbs drag
Weary eyes burn
i feel the fire

walking in the wood
towards the sunset
leaves crumble beneath my feet
i feel the earth

taller than the trees
rays paint my face golden
breeze ruffle my curls
i feel the air

staying still and calm
feet dipped in the flow
cool till the soul
i feel the water

the skin is shed
and the within too
I merge
i am the space

कोई आज मुस्कुराया है

कुछ खोया नहीं
सब पाया है
जो बांट दिया
वो कहां गवाया है

इनसे मिला हूं
उनको पहचानता नहीं
सब अपने है
कौन पराया है

ये शोहरत का क्या
आज है कल नहीं
दुआओं को हमेशा
अपने साथ पाया है

कोई याद रखे
ऐसी ख्वाहिश तो नहीं
लम्हे खुशी के याद करके
कोई तो मुकुराया है

हर लम्हा बेमिसाल

चकाचौंध सी दुनिया
नजारे हजार हैं
जो मिल गया
उसके खोने का डर है
जो नहीं मिला
उसका मलाल है
बेकरार से रहे
दोष किस्मत को दिया
सोचा शायद
वक्त ही खराब है
पर जब देखा मैने
आंखें बंध कर
हर लम्हा बेमिसाल है

In the frost it lies

Under the white blanket
under the starry skies
The frozen twig
in the frost it lies

drop of the dying tree
frozen dry of the life sap
Yet carrying the snow
on its selfless back

Awaiting the inevitable end,
trampled by an unknowing boot
Splintering into many
into the dust and soot

Seeping into the melting ice
flowing into the soil
Carrying its essence,
in its last altruistic toil

Deep in the soil
it waits for the new summer
the seed of the new tree
Curled in a wintery slumber

Continuous and resplendent
the circle of life strives
under the white blanket
in the frost it lies

Underneath the starry sky

Underneath the starry sky
Its lonely
They are so many
and its only me

Do they see
The twinkle in my eye?
Or can they see
the cleverly concealed lie?

Merrily they stand and watch
Transfixed in their velvety black dome
Unable themselves, yet mocking
Hoping I wouldn’t save my self on my own

Dawn is breaking
Its the end of thier time
Its a new day
And they know its mine