Beyond Myself

I started to move

The motive was clearer

Sped up

tried to catch up

The thrill was fun

I stepped on the pedal

Crushed it to the floor

like a ravenous hungry beast

The nozzle sucked the gas

I accelerated

Faster and faster

Wind gushing through the hair

Flapping the shirt

In a mad frenzy

Shrieking wind cried

In a weird urgent way

Faster and faster

Wild and driven

Till it was all behind

Till it was all quiet

Till it was all still



I had gone

Beyond me

The elements – That’s me

Long day unwinds
tired limbs drag
Weary eyes burn
i feel the fire

walking in the wood
towards the sunset
leaves crumble beneath my feet
i feel the earth

taller than the trees
rays paint my face golden
breeze ruffle my curls
i feel the air

staying still and calm
feet dipped in the flow
cool till the soul
i feel the water

the skin is shed
and the within too
I merge
i am the space