Warm winter sun

Warm winter sun
mild and shy
meekly easing out
haze obscuring the morning sky

lights up the grassy meadows
enlivens the trees
warms the dew drop
on the grass and the leaves

golden drop is shared
equal and fair
rich and poor
each get their share

patiently attending to all
alive and dead
all those who are awake
and those in bed

All obligations met
it comes to my porch
resting a while
before it resumes to scorch

He likes my company
I talk no shop
and when he wants to go
I never stop

We just sip coffee
with no Joy or Sorrow
No plans for the day
No expectations of tomorrow

At these moments
time ceases to run
moments spent lazily on the porch
with warm winter sun

A Leap year

It’s a little longer
This year
This lap around
the Fiery sphere

A day more
to revel in the wonders
A day more
to see, feel and hear

A day more
to pause and think
A day more to
See things clear

What’s me
And what’s you
A day more to stretch
Beyond the near and dear

time to embrace
the difference of mine and you
to quench with love
the raging fire of fear

To have faith
Beyond my own faith
A day more
To make the boundaries dissappear

Its time to surge
Time to shed the phony exterior
A day more
To take a leap of faith this year