Aaj Vela hoon

आज अकेला हुं
सुबह से वेला हूं
दुनिया को बचाने
अपने घर पे सोयेला हूं

भ्रमण कर आज
घर वापस आया हूं
कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी का सफर
वास्तव में कर आया हूं

इंसान को ६ फीट दूर से देखा तो
थोड़ा डरा हुआ पाया है
हर आंखों में शक और कौफ का साया
भरपूर नजर आया है

इस नासूर वायरस
का वास्ता है
डर जातें हैं सब
जब कोई खांसता है

इन काले बादलों में मैंने
छिपे सिल्वर लाइनिंग को भी देखा है
भागते लम्हों को आज
चलते हुए देखा है

schedule wali डेयरी को दिया धोका
और टाइम को दिया रोका
मिला है थोड़ा सोचने का मौका
और कुछ नज़रिए का नया झरोखा

आज अकेला हुं
सुबह से वेला हूं
दुनिया को बचाने के चक्कर में
अपने आप से आज मिलेला हूं

Sun will rise

The orange stain

The sun
hides in vain
of its orange stain

Into darkness
it stoops low
Alas betrayed
by the loony glow

Its just
an intervening night
for the illuminate
It is to shine bright

Reluctance and doubts
the light dispels
the mirror introduces
the light to itself

The rise is seen
Shining on the morning dew
Vibrant red
in the morning new

shining bright
within and outside

Underneath the starry sky

Underneath the starry sky
Its lonely
They are so many
and its only me

Do they see
The twinkle in my eye?
Or can they see
the cleverly concealed lie?

Merrily they stand and watch
Transfixed in their velvety black dome
Unable themselves, yet mocking
Hoping I wouldn’t save my self on my own

Dawn is breaking
Its the end of thier time
Its a new day
And they know its mine

Right now I have this day to finish

Each box ticked
Whew!! the work is done.
the day draws to an end
and we count it as one.

Rising again with the sun
Unwilling to start the next count
Yet eager to finishing this one
boxes to be ticked, once again mount

Each count ends in a week,
quitely into a month, the week crept
I celeberate the birth one more time
Counting the many nights I have slept

Counting the nights was easy,
For the sleeping part I was sure.
Did I wake up or just sleep walked?
Of the day I was not sure.

On the moving tread I walked
counting the steps and time,
Achievements recorded on the counter
Celeberations for with every chime

I ran and walked
moving constantly on the set pace
Tired and exhausted,
yet competing the static race

In this race, I am running.
finish line is everyone’s dread
Yet in the race
I run faster instead.

I know I have another half to live
For doing all the things I wish
there will be time to live my life
But now, I have this day to finish